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Foaming agent for foam formula PB-2012

Synthetic foaming agent for foam "PB Formula 2012" is a synergistic blend of anionic surfactants with stabilizing and functional additives. Used as the primary blowing agent in the production of foam. The product has high functional properties, which allows it to reduce costs and minimize adverse impact on the dynamics of hardening cement.

Foam former PB Formula 2012 is versatile and can be used in all known technologies of foam concrete - in the classical two-stage technology with the use of foam generator, "mixing" with various organizations mixing barotehnologii. Foaming agent provides high resistance foam concrete mass, eliminates shrinkage phenomenon and heterogeneity of foam concrete mass in the volume. "Formula PB-2012" - a controlled foaming in each batch of foam stability in the cement paste.

The main advantages of synthetic Frothers PB Formula 2012:
Foaming agent used in all known technologies of production of foam (styrofoam) (classical two-stage technology, dry mineralization foam miksernoy- baro- and technology). Multiplicity of foam varies from 5 to 100 changes to settings-equipment. Produces foam with a density of 300 to 1200 kg / m3. Frother consumption depending on the technology and obtaining foam density is 250 g / m3 700 g / m3.
Foamer "Formula PB-2012" compatible with all organic and inorganic additives used to modify the foam (curing accelerators, plasticizers, antifreeze additives, etc.).
Foaming agent for foam contains in its composition all the necessary components to achieve the desired multiplicity and stability of foam in the cement paste. Easily dispensed and mixed with water.
Foamer "PB-Formula 2012" has a minimal impact on the process of hardening cement, eliminates shrinkage phenomenon and minimizes variations in the mass density foam volume.
Foamer "PB-Formula 2012" by the impact on the human body according to GOST 12.1.007 refers to class 4 hazard - low hazard substances.
Foamer "PB-Formula 2012" is biologically a soft product. The degree of biodegradation - more than 90%. Does not deteriorate during storage in the summer at high temperatures. Withstand multiple cycles of freezing-thawing without loss of properties. Spontaneously recovers appearance when exposed to the heat-scrap room.
Foamer "PB-Formula 2012" is not toxic, neradiatsionnoopasen.
Transportation and storage foaming agent PB Formula 2012:
Foaming agent is transported and stored in a container that ensures the safety of the foaming agent. Containers should be clean and free of nefteproduktov.Vnimanie! Contact with a foaming agent for foam oil leads to irreversible loss of its blowing svoystv.Transportirovanie foaming agent is carried out in accordance with GOST 1510 by all modes of transport in accordance with the rules pere¬vozok goods, operating in this mode of transport. Foaming agent in accordance with the classification in accordance with GOST 19433 does not apply to dangerous goods. It should be stored in closed containers or in closed containers in a sheltered warehouses at temperature not exceeding 40 ° C and below + 5 ° C, which ensures the safety of the product and the possibility of immediate use. In the case of freezing of the product during transport or storage should be heated to a temperature (15-40) ° C (without the use of steam and open fire!) And mix until uniform. At a temperature of 60 ° C the decomposition process starts foaming agent.

During transport and storage must be observed tightness of the package.

Before use, read the instructions on the use of PB Formula 2012!

Price Frothers (polystyrene):
Price Frothers PB Formula 2012 is 82,50 Rub / kg from 1 ton (container of cubic volume of 1 ton). barrels p / e 200 kg - 16500 Rub. - 82.50 Rub / kg. The price is inclusive of VAT, on the terms ex warehouse in the city of Yekaterinburg.