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The hydrophobic additive (water repellent) Aquasil

The repellent "Aquasil" is available on TU6-02-1-824-97. Belongs to a new generation of local water silicone water-repellent agent. Extremely efficient, fire - and explosion-proof, low alkalinity, high efficiency and manufacturability. Has a great life: the qualitative treatment of the effect of water repellent persists for more than 10 years (based on indirect evidence - more than 30 years).

The repellent "Aquasil" passed state registration and has all necessary certificates.

The certificate of conformity of Aquasil
Certificate compliance Aquasil

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of Aquasil
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of Aquasil

The certificate of conformity of Aquasil fire safety
The certificate of conformity of Aquasil fire safety

The certificate of state registration of Aquasil
The certificate of state registration of Aquasil

The repellent "Aquasil" can be applied from roof to Foundation for all materials that can absorb water

for volumetric treatment of building materials;
for surface treatment of building materials;
for the intercept waterproofing and waterproofing exterior walls by injection;
The repellent "Aquasil" meets the following basic requirements:

gives content maximum water-repellent (hydrophobic) properties that do not change in operation for more than 10 years;
resistant to rain, snow and mechanical stress (abrasive action of dust, vibration, shock, washing, etc.);
increases frost and corrosion resistance of construction materials;
improves the workability of the concrete mix;
prevents internal microcracks;
eliminates capillary leak;
eliminates the permeability of the Foundation and the base;
retains vapor and air permeability of the material, color and texture of its surface;
retain the appearance of building materials for the long term;
provides anti-fungal protection.
does not require complex technology application and quickly bound to the substrate without any additional treatment;
after drying physiologically harmless;
low price ready solution from 32P. to 16P. per liter, depending on the processed material.
Use water repellent "Aquasil" reduces water absorption of concrete and foam concrete 10-15 times, bricks in the 15-40 times, the plaster materials is 10-15 times, natural and artificial stone 10-15 times, wood 15-20 times. The repellent "Aquaseal" increases the strength of concrete by 30%, increases its water proof nad frost resistance and manufacturability. The repellent "Aquaseal" eliminates the appearance of efflorescence in the handling of bricks, tiles, Sandstone, natural stone and other building materials. Contributes to the preservation of their decorative qualities, in the process of operation and improves the weather resistance.

The repellent "Aquasil" is supplied as a concentrate and is used in a form diluted in water 10-20 times "working solutions".

The flow of water repellent "Aquasil":

In surface treatment used water "working solution" at a rate of 0.25-0.5 kg/sq m, depending on the porosity of the building material;
When volumetric treatment repellent "Aquasil" it is recommended to enter the mixing water in an amount of 0.4-0.5% by weight of binder (cement).
When you shut waterproofing flow of water repellent concentrate "Aquasil 1.5-2 kg of concentrate per 1 m2 cross-sectional area of the wall. The ready flow of the working solution "Aquasil": 2-3 litres of working solution of 1 hole diameter of 18 mm and a length of 1000 mm and a step of drilling 150 mm.

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