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The effectiveness of fiber

The effectiveness of fiber
Concrete shrinkage and cracking
    Shrinkage of concrete hardening and curing (spontaneous reduction in the volume) - is one of its fundamental properties. The shrinkage causes the various processes associated with a reduced water content in the concrete. To the greatest extent affect the behavior of concrete structures and articles of plastic (primary) shrinkage and humid (hydraulic) shrinkage characteristic of the process of drying concrete ......... >>>


      Water resistance of concrete - concrete is not the ability to pass through itself with water under pressure. Penetration of the concrete corrosive liquid substances considerably affects its durability. Intensity is determined by the penetration of concrete permeability which is an important characteristic of the resistance of concrete, including its cold resistance. In reinforced concrete penetration of moisture and ................ >>>

Frost resistance of concrete
       Frost resistance of concrete - the ability of the concrete in a water-saturated state to maintain its strength and break down after repeated freeze-thaw. The main destructive factor is the widening during the solidification of water that enters the macro-pores of concrete, and the main factor of stability in the destruction by freezing is the structure of the pore space ................ >>>

Impact strength
     Shock, or dynamic strength to a greater extent than static, independent of the initial defects in the structure of the concrete due to the reduced capacity of stress redistribution due to the delay of microplastic deformation. Fibers, influencing the processes of structure, reduces the inside ............. >>>

Attritive and dusting
    Increased attrition and dusting of concrete surfaces is generally due to their low strength, which in turn can be caused by a fiber bundle (sedimentation) of the concrete mixture, an excess of water, excessive smoothing the surface against the technology works. The introduction of the concrete fiber eliminates these shortcomings, and in ............... >>>

Delamination of concrete
     The homogeneity of the concrete mix - one of its most important technological svoystv.Vo during transport, congestion, placement and compaction of concrete it must maintain consistency and not flake ..... >>>>

The corrosion resistance of concrete
Studies show that the rate of corrosion processes is largely dependent on the permeability of concrete to aggressive environment and the reaction vessel concrete to aggressive components of the environment ............ >>>