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Wood resin by saponification (DLS)

Wood resin by saponification (DLS)

Developed and implemented in the production of all types of concrete air-entraining and water reducing agent - liquid resin wood by saponification (DLS), obtained by saponification of rosin alkali.

The addition of SDS is a liquid dark brown 50-55% concentration, is a substance of low hazard, has no general toxic effect on the body and irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, not explosive, not a fire hazard. The product is shipped to the customer in railway tanks or metal drums. The working solution is prepared by simple dilution additive metered volume of concentrate calculated amount of water with stirring. Fuel DLS is within 0.1-0.25% of cement consumption based on the dry matter additive.

Used as: foaming agent, plasticizer, air entraining, frost antiseptic agents.

For the preparation of concrete for various purposes: foam concrete, penopolistirolbetona (Polystyrene), cellular, paving tiles, pavers, hydraulic, heavy traffic, lung and others.

The use of liquid LMS will enable enterprises to:

increase the time of preparation of the working solution additives
reduce the density of 100-150 kg/m3 of concrete
streamline operational control over the cooking solution
reduce the amount of porous sand mixture to reduce water demand, improve the deformation and thermal properties, to increase frost resistance of concrete
with low content of fine aggregate to obtain a product with a homogeneous structure of continuous
improving the workability of concrete, shorten formation process, to ensure sealing mixture to reduce its bundle during transportation and installation in the form
Indices norm Result Analysis
Mass fraction of dry substances,%, not less than 50 50
Density 10% aqueous solution at the temperature. 20 ° C, kg/m3, below 1017 1045
The foaming ability, cm3, not less than 62 62
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in water,%, not more than 1 April
Price LMS liquid supplements significantly lower than the cost of other additives similar purpose. Recommendation for use in the manufacture of paving tiles, pavers by vibration casting. Per 100 kg of cement 60-80 gr .. Add mixed with water.